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Psychometric testing

Psychometric testing measures a person's attributes, abilities, and personality. Ask me about it.







Annemarie de Waal 

Head Of Global Sales & General Manager Dubai at Red Apple Travel Group Head Of Global Sales & General Manager Dubai at Red Apple Travel Group

Annemarie worked with Asif but they were at different companies

Asif conducted a Proactive Customer Service training to our operations team that I found valuable. Asif has broad experience and knowledge, and works very well with diverse groups of people. He is organized, creative and enthusiastic about his work & I certainly would recommend him for any training on this topic.









Vincent Bass 

Investor, Professional Sales Closer, Consistently closing $1 Million PA in Sales for my clients.

Vincent worked with Asif but they were at different companies

I have known Asif for many years, and can recommend him as an innovative, hardworking and visionary entrepreneur and leader in his field. He is an amazing networker and great businessman. A true friend and man of integrity who will add immense value to any business relationship.


Sufian Abu Siam

Managing Director, Mobility & Fleet 

Sufian worked with Asif but on different teams.

In addition to the easy to deal with character, Asif is a seasoned professional with strong leadership skills, superb relationship management abilities and solid in-depth business development insights. Asif's input was always useful to recognizing areas for internal improvement in order to increase internal & external client satisfaction.


Imdad Ahmed - I worked for Asif on his project. It's a loyalty program software that helps small businesses. I found the whole experience a learning curve and found his method exciting and challenging.


Tariq Usman - Asif was the department head and I worked as part of one of his teams in Dubai. He managed commercial development across the Middle East and I was part of several of his initiatives. Learnt some good stuff and was exposed to a hands on and assertive leadership method. He brought several new clients to Air Miles and many events and projects were originated by him. I especially loved the Air Miles sports day!


Manjunath Rajan - A person with real passion on customer focus. I was a part of the training held at the Coral Deira Hotel. The Training conducted related to customer service was one of the best which i have attended in the recent years.

For 15 years I worked in the Airlines and Travel management business. From counter clerk to Dubai office manager. Managing a team of 21 at the time and a customer base of over 150 corporate customers with a turnover of over 130 m USD annually. Mainly at

For 7 years I worked at Air Miles ME at Dubai Internet city. This is a subsidiary of AIMIA and one of the largest loyalty program operators in in the world. I had a team of 11 and reported to the CEO to manage the commercial part of the business across the middle east.

For 2 years I worked as Chief Commercial Officer reporting to the CEO at Paytabs which was a startup funded by Aramco aiming to be the one stop window to provide payment processing solutions to SME's. I personally hired 17 personnel and was involved in the legalization of the entity.

For over 4 years I have been involved in conducting soft skills workshops and running psychometric tests. I have trained hundreds of people in both my online and offline workshops. A few testimonials are listed on my YouTube channel.

How to survive as a Saatchi & Saatchi suit. Being an outstanding suit is no easy task. Being an outstanding "Saatchi” suit is even more difficult.

1. Nothing is impossible.

2. Advertising is a collective process. Use 'we' and avoid 'I'. 'We' is both truthful and reassuring.

3. Saatchi & Saatchi is the best agency in ?. Always behave in a way that adds to its reputation.

4. Remember good manners. Treat everyone with respect.

5. Think Big - big ideas lead to big results.

6. Admit your mistakes, learn from them, and move on.

7. A big task is rarely accomplished with a little ad. 

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